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Welcome to mutantClimate, my new blog devoted to the subject of climate change and related issues. For the last couple of years I have been blogging at mutantBlog, writing about politics and other general issues which have interested me (and have also had the occasional guest posts at Liberal Conspiracy). In the last few months I have become increasingly interested in the subject of climate change and the associated arguments and have found myself comenting more and more on this issue, both in my own blog posts and in the comments at other blogs. I have therefore decided to start a new blog devoted to this particular subject in order to prevent mutantBlog becoming dominated by one particular subject. I may cross-post occasionally between the two if there is a post I think is especially significant.  

I have to stress that I am not a scientist, in fact apart from an ‘O’ Level in Chemistry I have no scientific qualifications at all, so I am writing very much from the perspective of a relatively well informed layman who has made an effort to understand the scientific arguments around climate change. I intend to write a post in the near future on the subject of expert vs non-expert opinion, but I do believe that non-experts such as myself can make a contribution to the ongoing debate. In fact given that this is a subject which will affect all of us in future but is surrounded by (often bogus) controversy I think it important that “ordinary” people do try to understand the issues and the various arguments as much as possible. I’m hoping any reaction I get to this blog will prove me right.

Anyway, I hope you like mutantClimate and I would welcome any comments.

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